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Medicines may heal the body but what heals your spirit or your soul? Only Energy Medicine can Heal the Spirit and Heal the Soul -  

My Head in My Hands

Energy Medicine heals the Spirit and Soul
so that the body can heal itself.

Do you feel out of sorts?
Not quite ill but not quite well?
Not coping with daily demands?

Reiki Master Teacher Soraya

Did you know that the Chakras (the energy points throughout your body) are connected to your meridians, which in turn are connected to your central nervous system and then to the main orgens in your body. It stands to reason then that if your Chakras are out of line or not properly functioning fully, then neither will your body.

A Chakra Balancing treatment realigns your Chakras which will help you to maintain mindfulness, and ensure that strong energy is transmitted through your meridians, your and central nervous system. This encourages the body to begin the process of self healing.

A Healing Attunement using secret Reiki Master Teacher techniques will provide you with a flow of healing energy that can be called on in times of need while you are recovering from lifes challenges.


Chakra Balansing Number5 Hair and Beauty Tarbolton

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Grand Reiki Master Teacher Soraya at
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