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The Lightworkers Foundation (LWF) Reiki Training, founded in 1999 by Master Teacher Soraya,
is the only Reiki training provider in Scotland who were credited rated in 2009 by the SQA Reiki The Usui Tibetan System of Natural Healing.
Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is the Japanese term for universal life energy.

hi Soraya, Just a wee note to say thanks very much for today ~ I really enjoyed the session and the sharing with others. My weekend was special and I see Stontian as a pretty special place now, it was very tranquil and even my journey going back home ~ felt I was in Glencoe...before I was in Glencoe...that feeling being surrounded by the beautiful mountains covered in rustic colours, the peaceful air the water glistening like glass, it was delightful ~ my heart felt light and very happy indeed. Most enjoyable and needless to say I have an abundance of energy tonight and really not ready to shut it down... See you again,
Love Janx

Soraya, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the special privilege of Being on your Reiki 1 course over this weekend. I had a fantastic time, met some very special people, and saw a good friend through completely new eyes! It was a very rewarding experience indeed. I know it sounds a bit over-the-top, but I'm so glad I made the decision to come to you because I feel that I've made a major life-changing decision. i also realise now I must help myself before helping others and am starting this process already. I WILL be attending a Reiki 2 course later on in the year if you'll have me, and am excited by the prospect already. I understand how busy you are, and please just reply when you've time, but I wondered if you could help me with a few points that occurred to me after We left yesterday.

Dear Mags, Thank you for your kind words, I will answer your questions as you have asked them.
Question 1)
Could you confirm what you suggested I do about my past problems? I was a bit blown away at the time and didn't take it all in properly. I THINK you said to write down each episode, take it out to my favourite spot in the garden (where my wee cat is buried), tear it up, bury it and ask my wee cat to take it all away for me. Is that all correct?
Answer 1)
Yes You are right. The answers or solutions to problems lie deep within yourself and this exercise will help you to see that. More over doing this will be a profound and spiritual experience and will feel like a cleanse. You do not have to write down a solution, just a problem.
Question 2)
How do I practice keeping my Chakras open? Would healing myself help?
Your Reiki Manual will show you exactly what to do guess you haven't got that far yet. And yes practising healing on yourself will heal mind body and spirit.
Question 3)
Do you think it would benefit me to have another healing session with yourself (if you'd be persuaded to do it!) or someone else experienced, or do you think I'm able to heal myself now?
Answer 3)
You can heal yourself now and always could but now you will be better at it.
Question 4)
Do you know anyone who heals animals (specifically horses/ponies) on a regular basis who'd be willing to talk to me either by phone or e-mail and give a me a bit of advice when working with my ponies? One of them, the arthritic one, didn't like me working around his head last night but the younger one just fell asleep!
Answer 4)
As a matter of fact I do know someone that I can recommend, She has not been practising Reiki for very long, but she has a real love for horses. She is kind and caring oops Its you! The reason that your pony did not like you working on his head was probably because he wanted you to work on his sore bits. Kind of like scratching his ears when his back is itchy. Reiki flows where it is needed but the comfort of your hands on an ache would have made him go to sleep too. Looking forward to hearing from you again Namaste Soraya

Dear Soraya, I would like to thank you and others for your continues support throughout my job interviews and I have now been offered the post of my dreams thanks to Soraya and all other Reiki partners. Again thank you for all your support and hope to lend a helping hand in the future!!!!!!!!!!!! Love James

Dear Soraya, I really enjoyed the sharing day and find spending time with you "different" I always come away with a totally different attitude. Perhaps "laid-back" is the best way to describe it. I always feel so relax and my worries disappear, for a wee while anyway. Then I seem to pop back to reality, when you wear off!!! And thirdly, one of my work colleagues asked me to do 2eiki on her at lunch time today. Twice she started laughing and said she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, she could feel the emotions building up in her. She says she felt a lot of pressure on her ribs and found it hard to breathe at one point. She also said when I had my hands on her ankles she felt as if she had an "out of body experience" she says she knew she was lying straight but she felt like she was swinging like a pendulum and her feet were leaving her body. Can you explain this to me as she is interested to know what was happening (and so am I). I did actually ask her if she wanted me to stop and she mumbled NO. She says at the end she felt like a dead weight. No-one else has told me of these experiences, everyone else has just fallen asleep!!!! Hope to see you soon. K.

Dear Soraya, I went to your 2eiki sharing day yesterday ( I was the one who cried most of the time!) but it was wonderful to feel so much love and compassion from total strangers, I had so many emotions charging through me that it all bubbled over and I couldn't hold back, I know that it was my first step to healing myself and the first step of the rest of my life. I want to learn more and would be honoured to attend your 2eiki 1st degree course, so that I can help myself further and in turn I would like to pass 2eiki on to others who may need it. Love S

Soraya I would like to thank you for the recent course on 2eiki that you kindly organised for the Frail Elderly Services Division at Kirklandside Hospital. All the girls are enjoyed participating and some of them would like to go on to 2nd Degree. Thank you once again

Soraya, I just wanted to thank you for my advanced 1st Degree 2eiki course. I enjoyed every minute of it and feel so much better than I did before. I am sure that 2eiki is helping me to get through my grieving process and I am grateful to you for sharing it with me. Thank you CS.

Soraya, I just wanted to say thank you for my advanced 2nd Degree 2eiki course. I am deeply grateful and will put my gift to great use. Love T.

The Lightworkers Foundation, dedicated to bringing Peace, Light and Love, was founded to further the understanding, teaching and practice of 2eiki