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The Lightworkers Foundation
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The Chakra Balancing and Healing Attunement consultation should only be provided by a Reiki Master or a Reiki Master Teacher.

It is more effective than a traditional Reiki Treatments as, in the first instance, when your Chakras are balanced, your aura will be cleared and your body will respond more effectively.
Secondly the healing attunement provides you with a continuous flow of energy that remains with you for whenever you need it.

This treatment is particularly useful for those who are bothered with continuous or chronic ailments and clients find more comfort and relief than with any other method.

Chakra Balancing and Healing Attunements
For a Chakra Balancing and Healing Attunement with
Master Teacher Soraya Tel 01563 884102
Duration approximately 45 minutes Cost £40
Your Chakras will be balanced and your Aura Cleansed

The Lightworkers Foundation (LWF) Reiki Training, Founded in 1999 by Master Teacher Soraya and author of The Reiki Training Manual.

Give yourself or a loved one The Gift of Healing

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of healing with a 1st Degree Reiki Course Gift Voucher. Master Teacher Soraya's courses were credit rated by the SQA to graduate level so you can be sure that while adhering to the traditional Usui Tibetan Reiki, your course will be presented to modern standards.
After each course students participate in an assessment and any uncertain areas are revised. There is no fail. Each student will receive a certificate and a manual.

Weekend Courses are offered however midweek courses can be arranged on a one to one basis should your schedule require this.  A maximum of six students per Master Teacher present is typical on any group course.

Each group course is run over 2 days except one to one courses which can be completed in one day. 1st 2nd and 3rd Degree courses are available on request even if you have previously trained elsewhere.

The next course will be on Wednesday and Thursday 14- 15th March 2018 and the course fee is £125
Gift vouchers are available at £25, £50, or £125.

Buy your Gift Voucher or Pay your Deposit here

Deposit or Gift Voucher

Other Course Options

Special Offer for those who are keen to learn

Take the 1st and 2nd Degree Course together and receive the 1st Degree Free 
1st Degree = £125
2nd Degree = £200
Book the 1st and 2nd crash course and only pay £250 (saving £75)

Pay for your course here and the date will be arranged to suit you

The Lightworkers Foundation (LWF) Reiki Training, is the only Reiki training providers in Scotland who were credited rated by the SQA (in 2009) and can offer Reiki Training to the following SCQF equivalent qualifications

1st Degree Reiki equivalent to SCQF level 6 (5 credit points) - (Higher)

2nd Degree Reiki equivalent to SCQF level 7 (5 credit points) - (Advanced Higher)

3rd Degree (Master) Reiki equivalent to SCQF level 8 (7 credit points) - (HND)

Master Teacher Degree Reiki equivalent to SCQF Level 9 (27 credits points) - (Graduate)

Corporate clients who may wish to discuss their companies training requirements may do so by calling
Tel (d) 01563 884102

Courses can be tailored to suit you or your groups requirements in South Ayrshire, Glasgow & Lochaber.